Tuesday, January 1, 2008

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In the last few years I've started to notice something: The Guy Movie, a genre near and dear to my heart, no longer seems to get the love it once deserved. I'm talking about films chock full of mindless violence, big explosions, silly plots, colorful characters, catchy one-liners, and the kind of babes we normal Joe's could only dream of getting. Lately it just seems like these sorts of films no longer get the play or recognition they once deserved. Fewer and fewer are made, and worse yet, with this utter lack of respect and attention, what were once reputable guy movie fanatics are starting to become disillusioned. I hope to put a stop to that. Hello, I'm Junior Bruce, founder, owner, and operator of ABNB!--short for "All Balls No Brains!"

Here's what you can expect from ABNB! in the days, weeks, and hopefully months to come: The latest news surrounding upcoming Guy Movies, reviews of the latest Guy Movie releases, reviews of Guy Movie DVD releases, profiles of legendary Guy Movie stars and starlets, interviews with Guy Movie actors/actresses/writers/directors, articles about the genre, and so much more.


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