Thursday, January 31, 2008

Shoot 'Em Up (2007) Film Review

It’s a good year to be a Guy Movie fan. It all started last year, when SNAKES ON A PLANE and CRANK finally brought all of their internet hype to the big screen, and showed that Hollywood still has it in itself to get a little (or a lot) stupid for the sake of a fun thrill ride. This year alone has produced two standout Guy Movies: 300 and GRINDHOUSE; and now, SHOOT ‘EM UP has blasted its way onto the big screen, and into my heart like no other film before it.

Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino thought they had “The Most Outrageous Guy Movie of 2007 Award” sown up with their sleazy double-feature–but that was before Michael Davis stepped up to bat, and proceeded to hit a grand slam not just out of the park–try out of the city; out of the county; out of the state even!

When you hear SHOOT described as a nonstop action extravaganza from start to finish, they’re telling you the truth! There is no false advertising here. Check your brain cells at the door, and prepare yourself for an hour and twenty some-odd minutes of live action cartoon violence Chuck Jones would be proud of.

So what exactly makes SHOOT a great Guy Movie? I'm glad you asked, here's the skinny: Clive Owen and Paul Giamatti are terrific as the opposing forces creating this hurricane of violence. Clive is the embodiment of that stoic loner badass with rugged good looks all us average schmoes secretly wish we were at certain points in our loves. Paul has his acting amplifier cranked up to 11 as Hertz, a psychotic lunatic mercenary type who will stop at nothing to finish his mission, with as much humor and panache as is humanly possible that is. And then there's Monica Bellucci as the hot-as-balls Donna Quintano, a high class hooker whose specialty is filling a particular niche that, at first glance is downright absurd, but then again ... it is Monica Bellucci, so how bad could it be? The acting is great, the dialog is stilted and cartoonish in all the right ways, the action sequences are mind blowingly awesome and original, and if the hard rock soundtrack doesn't get your adrenaline pumping, check your pulse because you my friend, are a corpse.

"Let's play a game, first I'll shoot you in the face, and then you shoot me in the face, and the first one to hit the floor loses ... whaddya say?"

The film is funny, exciting, and worth every penny you can throw at it. I can't recommend this movie enough. Go see it, rent it, buy it, DVR it ... whatever it takes, check it out!

ABNB! Rating: 5 out of 5 (It's a BANG BANG of a good time! An instant classic.)
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